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Cremation Price

As a family owned and operated crematory  with a long residential history in Palm Beach county area, Edgley Cremation Services understands your needs during the hardest of times. When a death occurs, there are details to take care of, decisions to make and arrangements to be made. Our professional, licensed personnel assume those responsibilities for you, and you can depend on us to provide a service that is truly memorable, flawlessly planned, and correct to the smallest detail.

We are proud to offer cremation services to families in Florida, so if a death occurs away from home or if you have moved, please rest assured we will be here for you.

$1485 all inclusive price


Included Services

  • Professional services fee
  • Removal from place of death anywhere in Palm Beach county
  • State required refrigeration for 48 hr. holding of deceased
  • Filing of all government forms Including death notification to Social Security
  • Alternative container
  • Medical examiners approval fee
  • Act of cremation
  • Urn (designed for travel on airplanes, mailing or scattering of cremains)
  • Crematory on premises – Inspection available at any time

Additional Services/Products Available

  • Death Certificates $15.00 each
  • Forwarding cremains Express Mail (Black Temporary Urn) $125.00
  • Forwarding cremains Express Mail (Urn) $150.00
  • Scattering at sea $125.00
  • Prayer cards 50 for $25.00
  • Prayer cards 100 for $50.00
  • Register book $35.00
  • Thank You cards 25 for $15.00
  • Memorial Package (Register book, 100 prayer cards and 100 thank you notes) $125.00

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