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Why Choose Edgley

I cordially invite you to visit Edgley Cremation Services at any time. Edgley Cremation Services has no corporate affiliation. I have been a resident of Northern Palm Beach County since 1982, moving here from Western New York.

Our state of the art, technologically advanced cremation center is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. This beautiful and unique facility was designed not only to serve the needs of families interested in cremation but also to provide a place of spiritual calmness that comforts and inspires visitors. Families are encouraged to visit the center to learn more about cremation and the many options it affords. The center was exclusively designed with areas specifically for arrangement conference and selection of cremation merchandise.

  • We are devoted to serving your family with integrity, honesty, and respect for your individual and unique preferences.
  • Your loved one will not leave our care once we get authorization to transfer to our facility. We do all cremations on-site.
  • We offer a variety of service options that can be tailored to your individual needs.
  • We accept Pre Arrangement contracts for cremation from all funeral homes in Florida. Many families are eligible for refunds, please call for details.
  • Our licensed personnel will be at your service throughout the entire process.
  • Our cremation services are available in every county in Florida.
  • Regardless of county of death, all cremations are performed by Edgley Cremation Services.
  • We encourage your special requests and will do everything we can to ensure they are carried out.

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