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Keith Garrick

Keith Garrick

August 31, 1952 ~ November 16, 2023

Keith Garrick, a loving father of three sons and two daughters, and ever-proud Grandfather of eight, passed away in Greenacres,  FL on  November 16, 2023. He was 71 years old.

Keith was born on August 31, 1952 at Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.  He was the son of Mavis Newman and Charles Garrick, and was the oldest of eight children on his father’s side. At the age if sixteen, Keith migrated to the United States and lived in New York in search of a better life. He later relocated to Florida to begin a new chapter.

Keith was a God fearing man.  His favorite thing to do was to speak the word of God. He loved to read the Bible and preach to his loved ones and community. His passion and love of God shined through to those he would  council and teach.  It was important that those around him knew the word of God.

His other favorite pastime was to spend time with his family. He enjoyed the blessing of being a Father, Grandfather, Father-In-Law,  Brother, Significant Other and Friend. Keith was a protector, counselor,  and preacher and always knew exactly what to say and do. His guidance, inspiration and love will be missed by everyone he touched.

Keith’s name will be rejoiced, and his life will be celebrated, never to be forgotten  by those he loved. On behalf of Keith, we ask that his passing be honored by staying close to God and God’s word and to find strength in God alone.  Do not be sad but instead, be joyful that he is home where he always wanted to be and where all of his treasures are.

Keith is survived by his children Mark, Duane, Sean, Vanessa and Brooke Garrick; his daughter-in-laws Tamarah, Danielle and Corina Garrick and his grandchildren Cashe, Mark, Taeja, Makayla,  Makaila, Eli, Aiden and Micah.

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